View Common Questions Asked by Crawford County Fairgoers!

  When do I make payment for my fair entry?

You will make payment when you pick up your fair tags.

  Why is the Horse Show date before the fair now?

The Horse Show has been moved to before the fair per exhibitor’s wishes. The Crawford County Fair Board asked the Horse Department Superintendent to provide them with the best date for their department’s exhibitors. The Horse Department Superintendent completed a survey and the majority voted for holding the event on the Saturday before the fair opens. The Fair Board approved their request.

  Do I need to complete a poster like we have in the past?

This concerns departments with pre-fair events such as small animals, horses, shooting sports, foods revue, clothing revue and cake revue exhibits, Instead of a poster, an exhibitor in pre-fair events are required to fill out and exhibit a project description form which will provide the same information as the posters once provided. The form allows each department to better display each exhibitor’s information clearly and in a friendly manner. This completed form is required in order to receive state premiums. Forms can be found under Exhibitor Information on the fair website.

  How does one bring something new to the fair? How does one get it approved?

Except for a request to add a new item to an already existing department, which needs to be presented to the respective department superintendent, all other requests to bring something new to the fair need to be approved by the Crawford County Fair Board.

The first step in the process is to complete a suggestion card then contact the department superintendent or if not department idea then contact the Fair Coordinator to provide a suggestion idea. The coordinator will submit the request at the next fair board meeting (request needs to be ten days before board meeting). The person/s making the request will be able to come to the meeting and present their idea. The Fair Board then will discuss the proposal and determine if they need more information or when a decision will be made.

  Who makes decisions for the Crawford County Fair and Crawford County Fairgrounds?

The Crawford County Fair Board makes the decisions for the fair and the fairgrounds including hiring individuals to fulfill various contracts, such as fairgrounds maintenance, Fair Coordinator, etc. Approvals and denials are determined by the Fair Board.

  How can I see changes take place at the Crawford County Fair or the Crawford County Fairgrounds?

We are always exploring different options for ways to enhance/improve everyone’s fair experience. There are so many dimensions to the fair and any suggestions or changes that would help us build upon the foundation that’s already been established is most welcome. With that in mind, the best way to see effective change/s at the Fair or Fairgrounds is to share your suggested change, why you believe the change is necessary and also include how you and other volunteers will be able to help implement the change.

  How does one become a member of the Crawford County Fair Board?

One needs to run for the Crawford County Board in your village, township or city and be elected. Once elected to the Crawford County Board the Chairman and Vice Chairman appoint individuals to the different committees. The Crawford County Fair Board is a committee formed from county board members and oversees the Fair as well as UW-Extension.

  Who can exhibit at the Crawford County Fair?

Anyone can enter at the Crawford County Fair. There are two different options for one to exhibit at the Crawford County Fair, Open or Youth.

Youth Exhibitor: belongs to a club with an educational program and fits within the age requirements.

Open Class Exhibitor: anyone who doesn’t meet the requirements for youth exhibitors.

  Can I enter in Open and Youth Class?

No, you can only enter in Open or Youth class.

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