Exhibitors at the Crawford County Fair

Blue Ribbon Fair Online

ALL dog and small animal, food & cake, horse and shooting sports project exhibitors will need to complete this form. These will be displayed at the fair and are required in order to receive a premium. This process is replacing the posters that were done in the past.
Younger Youth Opportunity Shows
Animal Health Fair Rules

The Style Revue

The Style Revue at the fair will be on Sunday, August 27th at 12:00 p.m. Additional information contact Amy Mitchell at 608-326-0224. You will need to bring your item(s) with you (wear them) for the style revue.

Pre-Fair and Post-Fair Events

Judging for all pre-fair and post-fair events will be held prior to August 24th or after August 27th. In accordance with Wisconsin Administrative Code Chapter ATCP 160, projects must be represented at the Crawford County Fair for exhibitors to receive premiums.

Fair Clean-Up Day

Mark your calendar for SATURDAY, August 12 at 7:00 am until projects are done! ALL exhibitors are encouraged to come and assist with getting the fair ready to SHINE! Wear old clothing and bring tools with you to assist with fair clean up. Some helpful tools to bring with you are brush trimmers, brooms and dustpans, shovels, rakes, drill, screw drivers, hammers, buckets, rags and other basic tools you feel we may use.

Animal Departments such as but not limited to: Petting Zoo, Dairy, Swine, Sheep, Goats, Horses, Poultry, Rabbits, Cavies, Dogs, Small Animals and Domesticated Exotic Animals.

All Exhibitors in any animal department must complete the mandatory CONSUMER PROTECTION TRAINING, this meeting is scheduled for Fair Clean-up Day.

YQCA Training

YQCA training is required annually for all Meat Animal Exhibitors and will be held on the following dates & locations:

  • Thursday, March 2nd, 2023 - 3:45-5:15 PM at Century Hall, Wauzeka, WI.
  • Monday, April 10, 2023 - 6:00-7:30 PM at the Crawford County Highway Department, Seneca, WI.


February 10
Fairbook Available Online
May 1
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June 1
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June 30
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August 12
Fair Clean-Up Day
August 19
Horse Show
August 23
Exhibit Check-In
August 24-27
Crawford County Fair


Dept. 1 Dairy

Supreme Champion Dairy - Aisja Achenbach
Junior Champion Dairy—Aisja Achenbach
Registered Holstein Junior Champion - Aisja Achenbach
Registered Holstein Reserve Jr. Champion - Aisja Achenbach
Registered Holstein Grand Champion - Aisja Achenbach
Registered Holstein Reserve Grand Champion - Grant Moret
Registered Red & White Holstein Junior Champion– Hayven Smethurst
Registered Red & White Holstein Reserve Junior Champion—Skylar Achenbach
Registered Red & White Holstein Grand Champion - Luke Kramer
Registered Red & White Holstein Reserve Grand Champion - Regan Kramer
Junior Champion Registered Milking Shorthorn - Lizzie Udelhoven
Junior Champion Registered Jersey—Grant Moret
Reserve Junior Champion Registered Jersey – Kaitlyn Riley
Grand Champion Registered Jersey—Grant Moret
Reserve Grand Champion Registered Jersey– Regan Kramer
Junior Champion Registered Guernsey – Sawyer Roberts
Junior Champion Brown Swiss —Regan Kramer
Reserve Junior Champion Brown Swiss —Emma Hady
Grand Champion Brown Swiss —Emma Hady
Reserve Grand Champion Brown Swiss—Regan Kramer
Registered Ayrshire Junior Champion - Aisja Achenbach
Reserve Junior Champion Registered Ayrshire – Sawyer Roberts
Senior Showmanship—Regan Kramer
Intermediate Showmanship—Jake Kramer
Junior Showmanship—Carter Achenbach
Dairy Club Herd - Eastman Cloverleaf
Dairy Member Herd - Aisja Achenbach

Dept. 2 - Beef

Beef Steer Grand Champion: Taylor Snyder
Beef Steer Reserve Grand Campion: Joey Oppriecht Beef Steer Rate of Gain - Jaren Grimsled
Dairy Steer Grand Champion: Macy Mitchell
Dairy Steer Reserve Grand Champion: Haley Mitchell Diary Steer Rate of Gain—Johanna Sime
Senior Showmanship: Regan Kramer
Intermediate Showmanship: Macy Mitchell
Junior Showmanship: Alexis Byl
Beef Female Grand Champion: Lily Mitchell
Beef Female Reserve Champion: Brooke Mitchell

Dept. 3 - Swine

Grand Champion Market Hog: Chad Achenbach
Reserve Champion Market Hog: Macy Mithcell
Grand Champion Purebred Market Hog: Chad Achenbach
Reserve Champion Purebred Market Hog: Regan Kramer
Senior Showmanship: Marie Achenbach
Intermediate Showmanship: Haley Mitchell
Junior Showmanship: Carter Achenbach
Individual Herdsmanship: Ben Payne

Dept. 4 - Sheep

Grand Champion Market Lamb: Joey Oppriecht
Reserve Grand Champion Market Lamb: Owen Oppriecht
Senior Showmanship: Chad Achenbach
Junior Showmanship: Elsa Hady
Champion Breeding Stock: Emma Hady
Reserve Champion Breeding Stock: Emma Hady
Champion Sheep: Emma Hady

Dept. 5 - Goats

Grand Champion Market Goat: Taylor Snyder
Reserve Grand Champion Market Goat: Taylor Snyder
Grand Champion Dairy Goat: Marie Achenbach
Reserve Champion Dairy Goat: Rita Achenbach
Senior Dairy Goat Showmanship: Chad Achenbach
Junior Meat Goat Showmanship: Bentley Byl
Senior Meat Goat Showmanship: Taylor Snyder

Dept. 6 – Horse

Grand Champion Halter: Chad Achenbach
Reserve Champion Halter: Elise Sims
Grand Champion Showmanship: Hayven Smethurst
Reserve Champion Showmanship: Marie Achenbach
Grand Champion Equitation: Brooke Mitchell
Reserve Grand Champion Equitation: Hayven Smethurst
Grand Champion Pleasure Class: Hayven Smethurst
Reserve Grand Champion Pleasure Class: Brooke Mitchell
Grand Champion Trail: Ava Roth
Reserve Grand Champion Trail: Irelynn Smethurst

Dept. 7 - Poultry

Senior Showmanship: Emma Hady
Junior Showmanship: Elsa Hady
Champion Bantam: Emma Hady
Reserve Champion Bantam: Rita Achenbach
Champion Chicken: Emma Hady
Reserve Champion Chicken: Rita Achenbach
Champion Waterfowl: Emma Hady
Reserve Champion Waterfowl: Emma Hady

Dept. 8 - Rabbits

Best of Show: Rita Achenbach
Reserve Best of Show: Marie Achenbach
Honorable Mention: Marie Achenbach
Top Meat Rabbit: Rita Achenbach
Senior Showmanship: Faye Brassington
Intermediate Showmanship: Elyse Sims
Junior Showmanship: Elsa Hady

Dept. 9 - Dogs

Junior Showmanship: Garrett Sime
Intermediate Showmanship: Grant Sime
Senior Showmanship: Gracie Sime
Beginner Pre Novice: Garrett Sime
Pre-Novice A: Grant Sime
Pre-Novice B: Rita Achenbach
Novice: Rita Achenbach
Graduate Novice: Marie Achenbach
Grand Champion Small Animal: Garrett Sime

Dept. 10 - Animal & Vet Science

Best In Department: Hope Cornwall
Best in Class: Grant Sime, Hayven Smethurst

Dept. 11/111– Domesticated Exotic Animals

Open Champion Llama – Bob Tumi
Reserve Champion Llama – Alivia Jordie Showmanship Llama – Hannah Ingham
Showmanship Alpaca – Alivia Jordie
Llama Costume - Hannah Ingham
Llama Obstacle Course—Hannah Ingham

Dept. 14 - Plant & Soil Science

Best in Department - Grant Moret
Merit Awards: Skyler Achenbach, Charlee Rose

Dept. 15 - Flowers, Home Grounds & Plants

Best In Department: Lawerance Carstens
Best in Class: Jazlyn Glasbrenner, Ingrid Carstens, Rosemary Gallagher
Superintendent Award: Irene Gallagher

Dept. 16 - Natural Science

Best in Department: William Zander
Best in Class: Wesley Sander

Dept. 17 - Younger Youth

Best in Department: Sierra Zeeh
Merit Awards: Zelie Carstens, Layla Peak, Abigail Hromadka
Superintendents Award: Reid Lomas, Leo Collins, Eva Lund

Dept. 28: Junior Home Furnishings

Best in Department: Lydia Seeley
Best in Class: Brecklyn Schlee, Grant Sime, Rylie Cook
Merit Awards: Rivyn DiPadova, Rylie Cook

Dept. 18 - Cultural Arts

Best in Department: Jorja Clark
Best in Class: Jane Gallagher, Danielle Hromadka, Agnes Carstens
Merit Awards: Laurence Carstens, Julia Carstens, Jameson Adkins, Jorja Clark, Gracie Sime
Superintendent Award: Claudia O’Brien, Ellasyn Sims, Chloe Wright-Cipra

Dept. 20 - Photography

Best in Class: Elsa Hady, Violet Mitchell, Brooke Mitchell
Merit Awards: Elsa Hady, Violet Mitchell, Brooke Mitchell, Parker McCullick, Autumn Butler, Gracie Sime, Brenden Kuhnke

Dept. 21 - Computers

Best in Department: Chloe Wright-Cipra
Superintendent Award: Hope Cornwall

Dept. 22 - Woodworking

Best in Department: Alex Morga
Best in Class: Jason Rose, Violet Mitchell, Alex Morga
Merit Awards: Aaron Hromadka, Breckyn Schlee, Lindsey
Nolan Superintendents Award: Wesley Sande

Dept. 24 - Mechanical Arts

Best in Department: Jason Rose
Best in Class: Jason Rose, Sophia Clark
Merit Awards: Alan Morovits, Warren Snyder
Superintendent Award: Logan Colson

Dept. 25 - Food Preservation

Best in Department: Chad Achenbach
Best in Class: Carter Achenbach, Skyler Achenbach
Merit Award: Marie Achenbach

Dept. 25 - Foods & Nutrition

Best in Department: Jorja Clark
Best in Class: Wesley Sander, Ava Roth, Jorja Clark
Merit Awards: Reid Mitchell
Jr. Got Milk Award: Kamryn Breuer, Joseph Kramer Jr.
Apple Award: Violet Mitchell

Dept. 26 - Clothing

Best in Department: Ariana Morga
Superintendent Award: Ava Moris, Brielle Childs

Dept. 27 - Knitting & Crocheting

Best in Department: Ariana Morga
Best in Class: Layla Olson
Merit Awards: Ariana Morga
Superintendent Award: Ariana Morga

Dept. 28 - Home Furnishings

Best in Department: Danielle Hromadka
Best in Class: Garrett Sime, Grant Sime
Merit Awards: Gracie Sime, Rylie Cook, Kennis Smethurst
Superintendent Award: Hope Cornwall

Dept. 29 - Family Living

Best in Department: William Zander
Best in Class: Hope Cornwall
Merit Award: Hope Cornwall
Superintendent Award: Brecklyn Schlee

Dept. 31 - Communications

Best in Department: Jazlyn Glasbrenner
Merit Awards: Regan Kramer

Dept. 32 - Booths

Best in Department: Happy Hi-Liters

Dept. 33 - Youth Leadership

Best in Department: Ben Payne
Best in Class: Hope Cornwall

Dept. 34 - Health, Social, & Political Science

Best in Department: Hope Cornwall
Best in Class: Violet Mitchell
Merit Award: Violet Mitchell
Superintendent Award: Hope Cornwall

Club Herdsmanship:

Dairy - Happy Hi-Liters
Beef - Eastman Cloverleaf
Swine - Happy Hi-Liters
Sheep: Eastman Cloverleaf
Goats - Happy Hi-Liters
Poultry - Eastman Cloverleaf
Rabbits - Eastman Cloverleaf
Domesticated Exotic Animals - Wonder Workers

2022 Friend of the Fair Award: Joe & Arlene Morovits

If you have any questions please contact the Fair Coordinator at   608-412-4748 or   cctyfaircoordinator.com.
Duties will include, but not be limited to:
  • Pre-Fair Public Service Media
  • Speaking and Presentation Events
  • Community Events, including parades
  • Presentations, guest welcoming, raffle event and Award Ceremonies at the Crawford County Fair
  • State Fairest Competition* Fair Ambassador Only
Attention all Community Leaders, Business Owners, 4-H, FFA, Girl and Boy scout leaders!

Do you know someone who would make a great Fair Ambassador? You can now nominate them to encourage their participation in promoting the fair! These nominations will be in addition to the regular applications.

  • Junior Future Fair Ambassadors nominees must be between 9-13 years of age by Jan. 1 of the year serving.
  • Senior Future Fair Ambassadors nominees must be between the 14-17 years of age by Jan. 1 of the year serving.
  • Fair Ambassador nominees must be at least 18 years of age by Jan. 1 of the year serving.
  • Nominees may be Male or Female.
  • Nomination Form must be accompanied by a letter of recommendation from the Nominator.
  • Nominees MUST be a resident of the United States and the State of Wisconsin.

March 31st, application deadline may be extended


Interviews will be held in April, unless deadline to apply is extended. Candidates to be interviewed will be contact on April 6th.

For Additional Information, Forms & More —

View the Crawford County Fair Resources Page!