Grounds Address: 17725 State Highway 131, Gays Mills, WI 54631
Mailing Address: Crawford County Fair, 225 North Beaumont Road, Attn: Amanda Nagel, Prairie du Chien, WI 53821
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2017 Crawford County Fair Awards

Calling all businesses, organizations and individuals! Are you looking for a way to support area youth?

The Crawford County Fair has a great opportunity for you or your business or civic organization. The Crawford County Fair is seeking additional sponsors for the awards given to area youth for their achievements during the fair.

For a detailed list of available awards and a sponsorship form click here or call the fair office at
608-412-4748 or email for more information.

Crawford County Fair Top Award List Results:

Department 1: Dairy
Supreme Champion Dairy Female :Kal Randall
Grand Champion Registered Holstein: Brooke Moret
Intermediate Showmanship Dairy: Clare Teynor
Junior Showmanship Dairy: Mackayla Steger
Senior Showmanship Dairy: Jessica Steger
Junior Champion Junior Grade Dairy: Hayven Smethurst
Reserve Junior Champion: Luke Kramer
Junior Champion- Open Class: Bill Oppreicht
Reserve Junior Champion: Arnie Klema
Junior Champion Registered Holstein: Sarah Kearns
Reserve Junior Registered Champion: Rachel Kramer
Grand Champion Registered Jersey: Kal Randall
Junior Champion Registered Jersey: Sarah Kearns
Reserve Champion Registered Jersey: Kaitlyn Riley
Reserve Junior Registered Jersey: Kal Randall
Grand Champion Registered Red and White Holstein: Emily Steger
Junior Champion Registered Red and White Holstein: Aisja Achenbach
Reserve Champion Registered Red and White Holstein: Dave and Linda Fischer
Reserve Junior Champion Registered Red and White Holstein: Jessica Steger

Department 2: Beef
            Champion Female: Lily Mitchell
            Reserve Champion Female: Brooke Mitchell
            Champion Beef Steer: Chad Achenbach
            Reserve Champion Beef Steer: Kelsey Achenbach
            Champion Dairy Steer: Nathan Toedter
            Reserve Champion Dairy Steer: Hallie Toedter

Department 3: Swine
            Grand Champion Overall Market Hog: Rachael Nolan
            Reserve Grand Champion Overall Market Hog: Rita Achenbach
            Grand Champion Market Hog: Rachael Nolan
            Reserve Grand Champion Market Hog: Blake Mitchell
            Grand Champion Purebred Market Hog: Rita Achenbach
            Reserve Grand Champion Purebred Market Hog: Regan Kramer   

Department 4: Sheep
            Champion Ram: Jessica Valentine
            Champion Ewe: Jessica Valentine
            Champion Market Lamb: Kelsey Achenbach
            Reserve Champion Market: Joey Oppriecht

Department 5: Goats
            Champion Doe: Sawyer Gillitzer
Reserve Champion Doe: Sawyer Gillitzer

Department 6: Horses
Grand Champion Halter: Brennah Ghormley
Reserve Champion Halter: Elizabeth Carlson
Grand Champion Showmanship: Calie Waterman
Reserve Champion Showmanship: Talyia Edge

Department 7 Rabbits
            Champion Chicken- Faye Brassington
            Champion Waterfowl- Emma Hady
            Junior Showmanship Poultry- Emma Hady
            Intermediate Showmanship- Faye Brassington
            Senior Showmanship- Casey Osteheimer
            Champion Bantam- Emma Hady

Department 8 Rabbits
            Best in the Show- Faye Brassington
            Best Opposite in Show- Josie Kramer
            Top Meat- Casey Ostheimer
            Top Intermediate Show Person- David Riniker
            Top Junior Show Person- Josie Kramer
            Top Senior Show Person- Casey Ostheimer
            Best in Show- Emma Hady

Department 10- Small Animals
            Grand Champion: Casey Ostheimer

Department 10: Junior Animal and Vet Science
            Best in Department
                        Kirsten Draka (America’s Dairyland Book)
            Superintendent Award
                        Miranda Olson (Poster on Rabbit Care)
                        Class D- Kirsten Draka
                        Class D- Callie Waterman

Department 11: Exotic Animals
            Champion Exotic Animal: Leah Myers

Department 14: Plant and Soil Science
            Best in Department
                        Garret Baker (Eggplant)
            Superintendent Award
                        Emma Payne (Garden Box)
                        Class D- Edward Nagel
                        Class D- Heather Pucket
Class D- Dan Snyder
                        Class A- Hayven  Smethurst
                        Class B- Rachel Kramer
                        Class C- Casey Ostheimer

Department 15/115 Flowers, Home Grounds, and plant
            Best in Department
Gabriela Bansberg (Arrangement of cut flowers)
            Merit Class
                        Class A- Gabriela Bansberg
                        Class B- Rachel Kramer
                        Class C- Benedict Gallagher
                        Class E- Kathy Kleven
                        Class F- Alyce Salmon

Department 16: Junior Natural Sciences
            Best in Department
                        Taylor Snyder- Birdhouse
            Superintendent Award
                        Caleb Dull- Display Shell Casing
                        Class B- Tia Martin
                        Class A- Alex Morga
                        Class A- Joseph Kramer

Department 17 Younger Youth
            Best in Department
                        William Zander( Scrapbook on your family)
            Superintendent Award
                        Class A- Devyn Kay Allert
                        Class B- Hope Cornwall
                        Class C- Claudia M. Walz
                        Class A- Nathaniel M. Walz
                        Class B- Violet Mitchell
                        Class C- Claudia M. Walz

Department 18- Cultural Arts
            Best in Department
                        Alexis Nolan (Colored Pencil Drawing)
Superintendent Award
            Gabriela Bansberg (Color Sketch original drawing)
            Class A: Irene Gallagher
            Class A: Rivyn Dipadoua
            Class A: Jayden Glassbrenner
            Class A: Agnes Carsten
Best in Class
            Class A Mikayla Steger
            Class B Theresa Kramer
            Class C Veronica Kramer
Merit Class B
            Lydia Seeley
            Theresa Kramer
            Faye Brassington
            Lillian Draka
Merit Class C
            Joel Martin
            Kylie Zimmerman
            Emily Steger
            Veronica Kramer
            Alexis Nolan
Open Class
            Sandra Jeffers
            Dixie Dudenbostel

Department 20 Photography
            Best in Department
                        Veronica Kramer- Still Life (glass)
            Superintendent Award
                        Elliott Anderson
                        Kylie Zimmerman
            Merit Awards
                        Class A- Rivyn Dipadova
                        Class A- Lily Mitchell
                        Class C- Casey Ostheimer
                        Class B- Mckenzie Olsen
                        Class C- Joel Martin
                        Class C- Jessica Steger
                        Class G- Elizabeth Bramblett
            Best in the Class
                        Riyvn Dipadova
                        Casey Ostheimer
                        McKenzie Olsen
                        Elizabeth Bramblett

Department 21- Junior Computers
            Best in Department
                        Gracie Sime (Computer gen. Scrapbook)
            Superintendent Award
                        Casey Ostheimer
                        Class C- Casey Ostheimer
                        Class C- Becca Cornwall

Department 22 Woodworking
            Best in Department
                        Veronica Kramer (Article for use in kitchen)
            Superintendent Award
                        Riley Mezera (Planter Box)
                        Class A- Cayden Koehn
                        Class B- Joey Opperiecht

Department 23 Junior Electricity
            Best in Department
                        Gabriela Bansberg ( 3-way switch)
            Superintendent Awards
                        Isaac Kramer ( Heavy Duty Extension Cord)

Department 24 Mechanical Projects
            Best in Department
                        Chase Kovars ( Legos building, freestyle)
Superintendent Award
            Keegan Eberling (Metalworking Outdoors Shepard’s Hook)
            Class A- Lucas Kramer
            Class C- Emily Steger
            Class B- Isabella Rose
            Class C- Casey Ostheimer
            Class A- Maximus Cooley

Department 25/125 Food Preservation
            Best in Department
                        Rachel E. Kramer ( Tomato Salsa)
            Merit Awards
                        Class F- Joseph Kramer
Class G- Rachel G. Kramer   
Class H- Amari McCarthy
                        Open Class I – Karen Kramer

Department 25/125 Foods and Nutrition/Food Preservation
            Best in Department
                        Emily Steger (Sponge Cake)
            Superintendent Award
                        Mckenzie Olsen ( Banana Bread)
                        Class B: Violet Mitchell
                        Class A: Alex Morga
                        Class B: Lillian Draka
                        Class C: Jessica Bedtka
                        Class E: Renee Danhoff ( Open Class)
            Junior Apple Award
                        Veronica Kramer
            Open Apple Award
                        Tracy Martin
            Red Star Yeast Award
                        Casey Ostheimer

Department 26/126 Clothing
Superintendent Award
            Jill Stefonek – Infant/child Sleepwear
            Class A- Gracie Sime
            Class W- Brooke Mitchell

Department 27/127: Knitting and Crocheting
            Best in Department
                        Cathleen Anderson (Knitting- Infant or Child’s Garment)
                        Laura Cornwall (Crochet- Afghan)
            Superintendent Awards
                        Youth Crochet- Rivyn Dipadova (Washcloth)
                        Open Crochet- Joan Paulson ( Any other item)
                        Class C: Casey Ostheimer (Knitting)
                        Class C: Casey Ostheimer (Crochet)
                        Class D: Lucille Fillbach (Open)

Department 28/128: Junior/Open Home Furnishings
            Best in Department
                        Lindsay Groom (Creative Wreath)
            Superintendent Award
                        Mia Olson (Class A- Pillow)
                        Class C: Laura Cornwall
                        Class C: Ashley Bedtka
            Merits for Open Class
                        Rhonda Mitchell
                        Charlene Tumi

Department 29 Family Living
            Best in Department
                        Casey Ostheimer
                        Sophia Walz
                        Class A: Rita Achenbach
                        Class C: Amari McCarthy

Department 31: Junior Communications
            Best in the Department
                        Rachel Kramer ( Original Poem)
            Superintendent Award
                        Laura Cornwall ( Original Short Story)
                        Class A: Maya Draka
                        Class C: Casey Ostheimer

Department 32- Booths
            Best in Department
                        Steuben River Runners

Department 33: Junior Youth Leadership
            Best in the Department
                        Faith Morga (Record Book)
            Superintendent Award
                        Alexis Snyder ( Record Book)
                        Class A- Nicholas Walz
                        Class B- Rachel E. Kramer
                        Class C- Faith Morga

Department 34: Health , Social and Political Science
            Best in Department
                        Kirsten Draka (Environmental Issue)
            Superintendent Award
                        Becca Cornwall
                        Class C- Kirsten Draka
                        Class C- Casey Ostheimer

Department 119 Antiques
            Best In Department
                        Jane Zinkle- Quilt
            Superintendent Award
                        Aaron Johnsrude- Tractor
                        Gail Grimsled
                        Dan Snyder
                        Maridella Anderson
                        Gail Grimsled

Department 120 Photography- Open Class
Best in Class-
Professional: Nancy Dowling- Amphibian
                        Amateur: Katrina Owens- Silhouette
Merit Class
                        Class D- Sherry Lechnir
                        Class E- Mishaela Dudenbostel
                        Class D- Katrina Owens
                        Class E- Nancy Dowling
                        Class D- Mary Jo Johnsrude
                        Class D- Kathy Cleven
Herdsmanship Results
            Dairy Herdsmanship- Happy Hi-Liter
            Beef Herdsmanship- North Clayton Cardinals
            Swine Herdsmanship- Happy Hi-Liters
            Sheep Herdsmanship- Eastman Cloverleaf
            Goat Herdsmanship- Happy Hi-Liter
            Poultry Herdsmanship- North Clayton Cardinals
            Rabbit Herdsmanship- Country Cuzz
            Exotic Animal Herdsmanship-Country Cuzz