Grounds Address: 17725 State Highway 131, Gays Mills, WI 54631
Mailing Address: Crawford County Fair, 225 North Beaumont Road, Prairie du Chien, WI 53821
General Contact Information: Phone 608-412-4748 | Email


Crawford County Fairgrounds
17725 Hwy 131, Gays Mills, WI 54631
Mailing and Billing address: 225 North Beaumont Road, Suite 240, Prairie du Chien, WI 53821

Storage Agreement Contract
For Storage Arrangements contact: Amanda or Andrew Smiley 608-735-4356

Crawford County Fairgrounds Storage Fee and Schedule:
*  With the exception of buildings 3 and 4, items for storage will be accepted beginning October 15, or after ALL events have concluded. ALL items must be removed by May 1.  Any items stored past May 1 will be assessed an additional $10.00 per day for every day thereafter.
*  Buildings 3 and 4 - Items will be accepted beginning October 15, or after ALL events have concluded.  ALL items must be removed by April 15.
Any items stored past April 15 will be assessed an additional $10 per day for every day thereafter.
*  Storage fee is based per building:
o  Buildings 3 and 4:   $50 - Only available for small items, for example, boats 
o  Building 9 and 12:   $125.00
o  Other buildings:   $100.00
*   Storage fees are for a 20' area, plus tongue. For any item over 20', an additional $5.00 per foot will be charged.
*   Unauthorized items stored at the Fairgrounds will be charged a double fee.
*  Payment must be made at the time of storage.
*   Payments will only be accepted by check/money order/cashier's check.
Any check(s) returned for non-sufficient funds, Crawford County Fair will require a $30 returned check fee as well as full rental payments due. All future rental payments will only be accepted by cashier's check or money order.
*   Make payment payable to the Crawford County Maintenance Trust Fund. The owner of the property described above requests the privilege of storing said property in buildings owned by Crawford County, located in Gays Mills, Wisconsin, during the time specified, and agrees to release Crawford County, its officers and the Board of Directors from liability for any act of fire, theft, casualty or damage to said property during the storage duration.
Crawford County agrees to provide said property with reasonable caution; however, specific insurance for fire and damage shall remain the responsibility of the property owner.

Any insurance which may be carried by the Landlord or Tenant against any loss or damage to the building or its contents and other improvements situated on the premises shall be for the sole benefit of the party carrying such insurance and under its control. Each party hereby waives its right and the right of its insurer of subrogation against the other party.
The Tenant hereby agrees to indemnify the Landlord and hold it harmless from any loss, damage, expense, or claim arising out Tenant's acts or omissions to act. The Landlord shall not be liable to the Tenants for any loss or damage that may be occasioned by or through act or omission to act of other Tenants on the premises, or of any other person. In the event of any default in Tenant's obligation contained in this Agreement, the Tenant shall be notified of its default. Unless such default shall be cured within fifteen
(15) days from the date of such notice, the Agreement shall terminate and Landlord shall then have the right to enter the stall and remove contents thereof.
Notices hereunder shall be in writing and shall be deemed to be dated and delivered whether actually received or not upon deposit in United States mail, postage prepaid, properly addressed, to the party of which it is intended at the address set out below and said address may be changed by actual written notice from either party to the other.
The Tenant further acknowledges that he or she has inspected the premises and finds the same in satisfactory condition.
The interest of the Tenant in this Lease may not be sublet or assigned.
No heat or other utilities provided.
Absolutely NO REFUNDS will be granted. All items that are stored or removed at other than the above designated times must make special arrangements with the Crawford County Fairgrounds Maintenance/Fair Board for availability and will be assessed a $20.00 service charge.
The Tenant agrees to abide by all rules and policies that are now in effect or that may be put into effect from time to time.